Hear From our Clients in Fresno, CA

Total Life Change has given me the opportunity to open up about my co-dependency. A once a week co-dependent group gives me freedom to express myself without being judged. Listening to others and their struggles gives us opportunity to share ways to help. As a co-ed group, it nice to hear a mans side to his story. Bringing Christ into this program also strengthens our relationship with him and realize that healing can happen. There is a program for you TLC, and they are more than happy to guide you through the changes you need to make in your life..... I'm happy to be here.
Susan C.
I looked for months for an anger management group but everywhere I called I had to be court ordered. I know I had an anger issue but I couldn't get the help I needed. I thank God for Total Life Change because I am finally getting the help I need and I am learning how to express healthy anger when it is needed. I can't express enough how this program has changed my life. Thank you Tod and Total Life Change.
Michelle J.
In talking to TLC and Tod there are times you are going through your life when you say “Man, that is a rocky road. I can’t even see the trail right now.” You know it’s there somewhere and sometimes you need a trail guide to say “hey, follow me. It’s this way and we’ll get through it.” TLC is a safe place to discuss, to learn, to grow, and to be offered some of life’s solutions. So thank you TLC!
Drake H.
This facility and Tod Harris picked me up when I was completely lost and today I can walk on my own. I can’t thank them enough. I needed somebody to believe in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Tod, you taught me that the Lord has always been there for me and I believed you and He proved it to me. The Lord is working miracles in my life to this day.
My best friend fell into drug addiction at a young age. Many attempts at rehab had failed. Methamphetamine, heroin, and everything else that went with it; overdoses, near death many times. The importance of TLC in this crisis was huge. I reached out to Tod in a crisis moment and he came through for me. He picked up my friend and got him straight to a rehab. My friend bailed on that rehab so Tod grabbed him again and took him to another one. Today my friend is 93 days clean. My friend today would be on the street or in the ground without TLC.
I came to TLC because I was really in a lot of pain. Because I had a son that has many, many problems and he was out of control, I was out of control trying to control him. I just hit a brick wall. TLC truly saved my life. I went there to save my son and I ended up saving my life. Pastor Tod and the people I have been involved in the group have been very instrumental in supporting me, but also directing me and confronting me. And that’s not easy to find. There is hope at TLC.
Fredericka D.
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