Anger Management Sessions in Fresno, CA

This program is designed to help individuals recognize and manage anger. One of its goals is to teach acceptable ways of expressing anger. By gaining a better understanding of self, we will learn to better control our anger so that it does not lead to violent outbursts or actions that are harmful to others. Also, we will learn different techniques for stress management and enhancing emotional intelligence. Lastly, we will devote lessons to improving communications so that we may become better listeners and communicators to prevent angry situations. Participants are encouraged to complete all of the exercises in the book and practice applying the techniques in real-life situations.
Our goal for Anger Management:
- Recognize the role of individual responsibility in changing "maladaptive" behavior.
- Develop a working understanding of one's own anger/stress patterns and responses.
- Identify "situational anger" that consistently results in angry responses that can lead to violent behavior.
- Eliminate or minimize violent behavior. Learn how and when to use "time-outs" to prevent violent confrontations. Incorporate new coping skills to handle anger, stress, and other feelings.
- Use communication skills and listening techniques effectively and gain a better understanding of how children in one's family can be affected by parental communication techniques.
- Become more aware of one's own stress and anger signals and develop the capacity to sense the mood of a person with whom he or she must interact.
Anger Management workshop
We are certified by Anderson & Anderson Psychological Services, the largest provider of Certified Anger Management Facilitator training in the world.
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