The Trustworthy One

How many people do you really trust?

My guess is you don’t need too many fingers to add them up. Sadly, even in Christian circles, a trustworthy person is a rare find – especially when it comes to dealing with the personal nature of recovery.

People hurt us – even those we are ‘supposed’ to trust like parents or pastors. Not one person out there is guaranteed to never let us down. And as you know, you’re not exempt from the rule! We all fall short at one time or another.

With this being our human experience, many find it difficult to trust the One who will never let us down – Jesus Christ. Yet this is an essential part of our repentance and recovery.

Look at what is revealed to us in John 6:19-21a: “They (the disciples) were three or four miles out when suddenly they saw Jesus walking on the water toward the boat. They were terrified, but he called out to them, ‘I am here! Don’t be afraid.’ Then they were eager to let him in…”

We often get stuck on the amazing fact that Jesus was walking on the water – and it IS amazing, but what stands out to me here is that the ones who knew Jesus the best – the disciples who walked with Him, ate with Him, laughed with Him, went fishing with Him – also trusted Him! They KNEW him; they were in a position to gauge whether He could be trusted or not.

And what happened?

They were terrified by the terrible storm around them, but as soon as they heard Jesus call out to them, their fears were gone. Gone. They went from terrified, to eager to have Him aboard!

As we learn to walk with Jesus and experience Him for who He truly is – not what we’ve assumed based on our human-to-human relationships – we learn we can confidently come to Him and trust Him with our will, life, and even the most terrifying of circumstances.

May your life reflect your total trust in the One who is totally trustworthy.